Specifications and Recommendations

DFW Coping recommends sealing all products as quickly as possible after installation. A good water based penetrating sealer is preferred. It is possible to seal the product prior to installation and with some sealers, such as our "GOLDEN" Shield, this will increase the strength of the bond when set. NOTE: Follow manufacturers installation instructions exactly paying close attention to the precautions.

Never set the product when the product is wet. This may cause a discoloration on the top of the product and void all warranties.

All cuts should be made with a diamond type of blade. Wet saws are PREFERRED! See Warranty Info


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Bullnose Coping
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Rockface Coping
Rockface PDFCard image cap
Safety Grip Coping
Safety Grip PDFCard image cap
T.O.D.D. Bullnose Product
TODD Bullnose PDFCard image cap
T.O.D.D. Rockface Coping
TODD Rockface PDF Card image cap
T.O.D.D. Safety Grip Coping
TODD Safety Grip PDF Card image cap
Golden Shield Sealer
Golden Shield Sealer PDF Card image cap
Part Number ID
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Product Order Form
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